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Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan [Princess Bamba Sutherland]

Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan [Princess Bamba Sutherland]. b. at London 29th September 1869 (d/o Maharani Bamba), educ. Somerville Hall, Oxford. m. at London, 1916, Lieutenant-Colonel David Waters Sutherland, CIE (3.6.1917). (b. at Buningyong, Victoria, Australia, 18th December 1871; d. 19th April 1939), educ. Melbourne and Edinburgh Univs. MD, FRCP, MBC; Principal of King Edward's Medical Coll., Lahore 1909-1921, son of John Sutherland, of Allendale, Victoria, Australia. She d.s.p. at 'Gulzar', Model town, Lahore, 3rd October 1957 (or 10th March 1957) (bur. there at the Christian Cemetery, Gulburg).

The photograph shows Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan [1869-1957] and Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh [1871-1942], the older daughters of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Punjab, who signed over the ownership of the Kohinoor diamond to the British.

The Princesses were born to Duleep Singh’s first wife, Maharani Bamba [daughter of a German banker and a Coptic Christian slave from Abyssinia]. Duleep Singh spent most of his life in England. He later became anathema to the British by plotting against their imperial interests.
Studying at Chicago she was so upset by an insult that she considered moving to Toronto( the story was reported in The London [Ontario] Advertiser, January 31, 1902).
All her belongings and collections were donated to the Museum at Lahore or were bequeathed to Pir Karim Bakhsh Supra of Lahore who sold them to the Government of Pakistan.
The collection consists of 18 oil paintings, 14 water colours, 22 ivory paintings, 17 photographs, 10 metallic objects and 7 miscellaneous articles and are on display in th Fort.
Princess Bamba Sophia died in Lahore, Pakistan, and claimed to be the real ruler of Punjab. Princess Catherine died unmarried and was so devoted to her German governess Fraulein Lina Schafer, that in her will she stated that one quarter of her ashes were to be buried as near as possible to Schafer’s grave.
The ancestral houses of the princess, included the ‘shahi kothi’ with the address of 104, Model Town, and one at Gulzar Model Town ,both in Lahore.

Princess Catherine Duleep Singh. She lived at Colehatch House and Hilden Hall - now a housing estate. Her will made in 1935: `I, Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh desire to be cremated and the ashes buried at Elveden in Suffolk. I give my gold jewellery, my long pearl necklace and my wearing apparel to my sisters Princess Bamba Sophie Jinda Sutherland and Princess Sophia Alexandrowna Duleep Singh.' In a codicil she asked for a quarter of her ashes to be `buried as near as possible to the coffin of my friend Fraulein Lina Schafer at the Principal Cemetery at Kassel in Germany.'


At 12:30 AM, Blogger bhaloo said...

great... just great. So the race of Dinosaurs in Punjab (Pakistan) became finally extinct in the year 1957 with the death of "Her Highness" "Princess Bamba". Shame on those of us who still remeber this (Sikh) rule in Punjab emotionally and miss that era. This mentality has been the undoing of Pakistan and Punjab. Alas, we Muslims of Pakistan never learned

At 12:33 AM, Blogger bhaloo said...

The Sikh rule in Punjab was oppressive to Muslims. Muslims were restricted in their religious activities. Muslims were not allowed to slaughter cow even on Eid ul Azha. If a Muslim would slaughter a cow he would be executed (death punishment was for the killers of "cow mother"). Still some shameless muslims of Pakistani Punjab are a fans of Sikh rule in Punjab

At 3:05 AM, Blogger bhaloo said...

Bamba Jindaan was of course an alien in Lahore. Just because her grandfather forcibly occupied Punjab and Kashmir did not make her a "princess" of Punjab, especially when it is a fact that she was born in 1869, at least 20 years after her father Duleep Singh has been dethroned. And even he was just a puppet ruler as he was made the nominal ruler when he was only 6 years old and his mockery of a rule ended when he was 12. In addition, many people say with evidence of variable reliability that Duleep Singh was not even a son of Ranjit Singh because when Ranjit Singh married Jinddan (Duleep Singh's mother), he (Ranjit Singh) had only partially recovered from a stroke of Paralysis and was physically and sexually unfit. Jindaan was a girl of 14 or 15 at that time

At 1:12 AM, Blogger amitbabbar said...

hey bhaloo i would like to chat with you if possible...trying to know a bit more about history..please let me know your email id

At 1:12 AM, Blogger amitbabbar said...

hey bhaloo i would like to chat with you if possible...trying to know a bit more about history..please let me know your email id


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