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H.H. Maharajadhiraja Duleep Singh Bahadur, GCSI (25.6.1861). b. at Lahore, 4th September 1838

1843 - [1893] H.H. Maharajadhiraja Duleep Singh Bahadur, GCSI (25.6.1861). b. at Lahore, 4th September 1838, youngest son of H.H. Maharajadhiraja Ranjit Singh Bahadur, Sher-i-Punjab, Maharaja of the Punjab, by his wife, H.H. Maharani Jindan Kaur Sahiba [Chanda Kaur], educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his elder brother, 16th September 1843. Installed on the gadi, Shir-i-Punjab, Maharaja of the Punjab, at Lahore Fort, 2nd February 1844. Reigned under the Regency of his mother. The Punjabi forces were decisively beaten by the British at the battle of Gujrat on 21st February 1849, and his territories annexed 16th March 1849. Exiled to Fatehgarh, then allowed to settle in England. Thereafter titled as Maharajadhiraja Duleep Singh Bahadur, with the personal style of His Highness. Becoming a great favourite of Queen Victoria, he was received into the Church of England in 1853. Attempted to return to the Punjab in 1886, but was stopped at Aden and turned back Europe. Escaped to France and tried to persuade the French authorities to assist him in restoring his throne. Converted back to Sikhism in 1888. Failing to excite official interest in France due to British objections, he journeyed to Russia, where he offered his services to the Tsar in an invasion of India. Becoming almost destitute, he requested and received a pardon from his old mentor, Queen Victoria. m. (first) at the British Consulate, Alexandria, Egypt, 7th June 1864, H.H. Maharani Bamba Duleep Singh, CI (1.1.1878) (b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 6th July 1848; d. at Paris, 18th September 1887), educ. American Baptist Christian Mission Sch., Cairo, daughter of Ludwig Muller, a German banker resident, of Ramala, Egypt, by Sofia, an Ethiopian Coptic Christian lady of good family, captured by the Egyptian army and sold as a slave in Cairo. m. (i) at La Madeleine, Paris, 20th May 1889, Maharani Ada Duleep Singh (b. at Kennington, Surrey, 15th January 1869; d. 6th August 1930, bur. St Andrew & St Patrick Churchyard, Elveden, Suffolk), who was not allowed the style of Highness or received at Court, youngest daughter of Charles Douglas Wetherill, Esq. of Great Ormond Street, Holborn, London, sometime Civil Engineer, by his wife, Sarah Charlotte. He d. at the Hotel de la Trémoille, Paris, 23rd October 1893 (bur. St Andrew & St Patrick Churchyard, Elveden, Suffolk), having had issue, four sons and three daughters by his first wife, and two daughters by his second wife:
1) A son b. at Kenmore, Perthshire, 4th August and d. there 5th August 1865 (s/o Maharani Bamba).
2) Captain Prince Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh. b. in London 10th July 1866 (s/o Maharani Bamba), educ. Eton, Trinity Hall and Downing Colls., Cambridge and at the RMA, Sandhurst. Cmsnd. 2nd-Lieut. 1st Royal Dragoons 1/2/1888, Hon ADC to the GOC Halifax, Nova Scotia 1888-1890, prom. Capt. 1894, resig. 1898. Succeeded on the death of his father as Head of the Royal House of the Punjab, 23rd October 1893. Rcvd: Coron. medals (1902 and 1911). m. at London, 4th January 1898, Anne Blanche Alice [Princess Victor Duleep Singh] (b. 27th January 1874; d.s.p. 2nd July 1956), served in France during the Great War, recd: Coron. medals (1902 and 1911), Médaille de la Reconnaissance, and Médaille de la France Liberée, second daughter of Colonel The Rt. Hon. George William (Coventry), 9th Earl of Coventry, PC, DL, sometime Capt. and Goldstick of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, Master of the Buckhounds, Lord Lieut. of Worcestershire, etc. by his wife The Rt. Hon. Blanche, Countess of Coventry, third daughter of The Rt. Hon. William (Craven), 2nd Earl of Craven, sometime Lord Lieut. of Warwickshire, High Steward of Newbury, and Recorder of Coventry. Rcvd: Coron. medals (1902 and 1911). He d.s.p. at Monte Carlo, 7th June 1918.
3) Major Prince Frederick Victor Duleep Singh, MVO (28.5.1901), TD (13.3.1919). b. at London, 23rd January 1868 (s/o Maharani Bamba), educ. Eton and Magdalene Coll., Oxon. (MA). Cmsnd. as 2nd-Lieut. Suffolk Imperial Yeomanry (Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars) 12/8/1893, prom. Lieut. 21/7/1894, prom. Capt. 10/8/1898, prom. Maj. Norfolk Imperial Yeomanry (King's Own Royal Regt.) 1901, resig. 1909, resumed service as Maj. 2/1st Norfolk Yeomanry 1/10/1914, and served in the Great War 1914-1918, retd. 1919. Succeeded on the death of his father as Head of the Royal House of the Punjab, 7th June 1918. Amateur archaeologist and historian. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Rcvd: Coron. medals (1902 and 1911), 1914 star, Territorial War and Allied Victory medals (1918). He d. unm. at Blo' Norton Hall, Diss, Suffolk, 15th August 1926 (bur. Blo' Norton Churchyard).
4) Prince Albert Edward Alexander Duleep Singh. b. at Blo' Norton Hall, Diss, Suffolk, 20th August 1879 (s/o Maharani Bamba), educ. privately. He d. from pneumonia, at the Albany Hotel, Hastings, Sussex, 22nd April 1893 (bur. St Andrew & St Patrick Churchyard, Elveden, Suffolk).
1) Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan [Princess Bamba Sutherland]. b. at London 29th September 1869 (d/o Maharani Bamba), educ. Somerville Hall, Oxford. m. at London, 1916, Lieutenant-Colonel David Waters Sutherland, CIE (3.6.1917). (b. at Buningyong, Victoria, Australia, 18th December 1871; d. 19th April 1939), educ. Melbourne and Edinburgh Univs. MD, FRCP, MBC; Principal of King Edward's Medical Coll., Lahore 1909-1921, son of John Sutherland, of Allendale, Victoria, Australia. She d.s.p. at 'Gulzar', Model town, Lahore, 3rd October 1957 (or 10th March 1957?) (bur. there at the Christian Cemetery, Gulbarg).
2) Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh. b. at Elveden Hall, Suffolk, 27th October 1871 (d/o Maharani Bamba), educ. Somerville Hall, Oxford. She d. unm. at Hilden Hall, Bucks., 8th November 1942.
3) Princess Sophia Alexandrowna Duleep Singh. b. at Elveden Hall, Suffolk, 8th August 1876 (d/o Maharani Bamba), educ. privately. A militant suffragette who later organised patriotic flag days for Punjabi troops in London during the Great War. She d. unm. at Faraday House, Hampton Court, 22nd August 1948.
4) Princess Pauline Alexandra Duleep Singh [Princess Pauline Torry]. b. at Hotel Billoi, Bolshoi Lubyanka, Moscow, Russia 26th December 1887 (d/o Maharani Ada), educ. privately. m. at London, 1914, J.S.A. Torry (k-i-a at Loos, 19th September 1915), 2nd Lieut. 12th Btn., Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own). She d.s.p. 1926.
5) Princess Ada Irene Helen Beryl Duleep Singh [Princess Ada Villament]. b. at Paris, France 25th October 1889 (d/o Maharani Ada), educ. privately. m. at Paris 15th March 1910, Pierre Marie Villament, a French national. She d.s.p. (committed suicide by drowning) at Monaco, 14th September 1926.


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At 2:13 PM, Blogger Ifti M2 said...

Excuse me but Princess Pauline Dulip Singh (Mrs Torry) didnt die in 1926. After her husband's death in World War 1 at Loos, 1915, she continued to live in England; and later shifted to France, circa 1920-1921. She lived and died there, sometime after 1930, which is confirmed. Further details of her death and burial etc arent available. Regards.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger Ph. Bodard (France) said...

Exactly : Princess Pauline Dulip Singh died in Pau (France) 10 april 1941 (from the tuberculosis)


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