Saturday, April 08, 2006

Faqir Khana Museum

With over 30,000 antiques of the Faqir Family Faqir Khana owns one the largest private antiques collection in South Asia. This collection has been passing to several generations and boast’s around 30,000 antique pieces from British, Sikh & Mughal era, For the first time in Pakistan Faqir Sayyed Iftikhar uddin (Faqir Khana museum co-coordinator & Associate member of the Faqir Khana trust) has taken up the challenge to bring it up as the first e-museum not only in Pakistan but also in the whole of South East Asia. Your involvement and interest can help the faqir khana e museum team bridge the gap between heritage and technology. The Museum site has 13 different categories of antiques which include: Chinese pottery, Chinese paintings, Ghandhara, coins, Miniatures/paintings, weapons etc.


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